Domain policy

Version of the 2015-10-01

This document is integral part of the by Design4you SARL terms of service for domain purchase or renewal. This version is a non-binding translation of the french original.
Terms of service

1. Definitions

Registry is the accredited entity controlling and managing a given domain extension.
Registrar is an entity accredited by the registry who has the authority to register domains under the given domain extensions on behalf of a registrant.
Registrant is the owner of a domain and controls his or her domain through the registrar.

2. Domain availability

Domains are, unless stated otherwise, registered on a first-come, first-served base. Registration takes place after payment has been received and processed. by Design4you SARL cannot guarantee availability prior to registration, availability information is indicative only. Should a domain not be available or due to restrictions fail to register, the customer is to submit a different domain name for registration. Domains werden, falls nicht anders angegeben, nach Windhundverfahren zugeteilt. Die Registrierung erfolgt erst nach Erhalt und Verarbeitung der Zahlung. by Design4you SARL kann die Verfügbarkeit einer Domain vor Registrierung nicht garantieren, die Verfügbarkeitsangaben sind ausschliesslich informativ zu verstehen. Falls eine Domain nicht verfügbar ist oder durch Restriktionen nicht registriert werden kann, muss der Kunde einen anderen Domainnamen zur Registrierung angeben.

3. Transfer

Domain transfers can only be requested by the current registrant or on the registrants behalf. The transfer process differs for each domain extension and the registrant must actively support the domain transfer in each phase. Failed domain transfers may incur a charge depending on the registry's ToS.

4. Requirements and restrictions

The registrant confirms that his domain name, domain content or domain usage do not violate any registry guidelines, trademarks, applicable laws or other applicable restrictions.

5. Expiration

If a domain name is not renewed at least one day before expiration, it is considered expired and will be marked as deleted on expiration. On expiration, the contract is over and any restoration is considered a new contract. Additional fees may apply for recovery if possible. A domain that is not renewed may return to the pool of available domains and be registered by another entity.

6. Additional policies

Each extension and registry has additional policies, terms of service and guidelines that must be followed. Registering a domain name with a given registry is a binding agreement to accept the related agreements. The individual registries and their public website are listed hereafter. Jede Domainendung und Registry haben ihre eigenen Direktiven, AGB und Richtlinien welche integraler Bestandteil des Vertrages sind. Registrierung oder Verlängerung einer Domain mit einer Registry ist eine bindende Vereinbarung diese Vertragsbestandteile zu akzeptieren. Die Registries und ihre öffentliche Webseite sind hierunter gelistet.

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