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Buy SSL Certificates to Encrypt and Secure your Website

  • Get strong Comodo SSL cert website encryption.
  • Visible site seals increase brand trustworthiness.
  • Build and run a secure website.
Secure your website

Buy SSL certificates
for strong encryption

Boost your customer’s trust in your website when you buy SSL certificates. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts communication between a browser and a web server. This secure link makes sure that data that passes from server to browser it remains strictly private.
If you own a website, make sure you find an SSL certificate that suits your website’s needs.


// yearly

This certificates secures and at the same time, for a very affordable price.

S/MIME Email & Document Basic

// yearly

Comodo CPAC Basic S/MIME Certificate for email and document signing.


// yearly

This certificate secures and all first-level subdomains, e.g.

Get Sectigo SSL certificates for Strong Website encryption & Protection

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Rapid Issuance:
Our certificate issuing process is quick. It can take as little as a few minutes once you have all the required details.

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Immediate Credibility and Reliability:
You instantly increase your credibility with an SSL certificate. When your site bears the trusted SSL seal, users will immediately know that your site is secure.

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Free Sectigo Site seal (Formerly Comodo):
A Sectigo site seal gives visitors the guarantee that your website is secure and their data is protected. Get the highest level of security with an Extended Validation certificate for your site. This is perfect websites with high traffic because it offers stronger encryption, which boosts security.

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Why you should get an SSL Certificate

SSL certificates help you to establish a strong online presence and significantly boost your search engine rankings. Since SSL certificates ensures the security of your site, it also helps to convert new visitors into paying customers. Adding to the first 256-bit and 128-bit encryption, these certificates prevent hackers from stealing and tampering with private website data.

Everyone who owns a website needs an SSL certificate. They provide encryption which secure transactions, email passwords, login IDs, and overall protects websites.

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How to select an SSL certificate

1. According to the number of domains you want to protect:

If you only have a single domain, then choose our standard Positive SSL certificates. However, if you have more than one domains you need to select a multi-domain or wildcard SSL certificate.
Wildcard certificates, are cheaper than multi-domains and provide more security than single PositiveSSL certificate. Note however, that Wildcards secure one primary domain and multiple sub-domains.
A multi-domain certificate is what you need if you run websites with several top-level or primary domains.

2. Depending on the security level you require:

SSL certificates provide three major trust levels. These are domain validated (DV), organization validation (OV), and extended validation (EV). You can choose from the lowest trust or highest moderate levels based on the content you share on your page.
EV certificates provide the most trust, encryption and browsing security while DV and OV give only certificates brand representation alone.

3. According to the registration validity:

All websites need an SSL certificate. Also, the process of obtaining a certificate differs based on the type of encryption you want (main domain, sub-domain or multiple domains), the level of protection and the encryption strength. Domains for public use are always registered according to the Certificate Authorities (CA) rules and certain certificates like EV and OV require additional vetting.

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What do SSL Certificates Protect?

Already have an SSL certificate installed on your website?
There are remarkable benefits to registering your own SSL certificate. SSL Certificates provide strong website encryption that:

  • Secure credit card credentials, web forms, and customer logins.
  • Secure web mail and email application.
  • Guard numerous cloud sharing platforms.
  • Protects ‘server to browser’ data transfers.

Increase your website’s security NOW. Simply buy SSL certificates from the highly trusted Sectigo SSL certificate authority (formerly Comodo) at budget-friendly rates.

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Safeguard your website with tough SSL certificate encryption.

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SSL Certificates FAQs

The SSL encryption level determines how long it takes you to receive it after purchase.
PositiveSSL DV Certificates:
Domain validated (DV) certificates get the quickest domain issuance. It can take as little as 5 minutes based on the website you are purchasing it for.
PositiveSSL OV Certificates:
The authentication of the Organization Validation (OV) normally takes 20 minutes to a day to be delivered. This happens within a 5-step process and normally goes smoothly for business owners.
Sectigo EV Certificates:
Extended Validation (EV) certificates take 1 to 5 days to be issued. This is because they go through a more rigorous verification process than OV and DV SSL certificates.
Google updated the Chrome 68 browser in early July 2018. This introduced the requirement of secured and unsecured sites to show ‘Secure’ and ‘Not Secure’ tags within their browsers. This update defends sites against internet scams, phishing attempts, etc. A website that shows a ‘Not secure’ label is not safe to browse. On such a site, hackers can intercept your information during data transfers.
• SSL certificates helps to improve your overall business reputation as a secure website.
• It also improves your website rank on top browser searches, as it is also a search engine-ranking standard.
SSL certificates protect web browsers using HTTPS protocol creating a safe and reliable means of connection from browser to server/website. Every time someone browses a site, the server creates a request for an SSL certificate. This request is to encrypt and decrypt sensitive website data during the file transfer process. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers to gain access to your websites and clients’ private data.
All of these certificates provide users with top-level encryption. However, the differences come in depending on the level of security and certificate validation process.
• For DV certificates, the authority checks your application to find out if you are the owner of the domain you seek to secure. This sometimes take as little as 5 minutes. These certificates come with a security padlock and some basic issuance information.
• The validation process of the Organization Validated certificates is quite simple, as long as your company is legitimate. To get OV SSLs, the Certificate Authority requires information in a 5-step process: company authentication, locality presence, telephone confirmation, domain verification, and a final verification call.
• EV certificates take on a more rigorous validation process. This is because it offers the highest level of trust. With EV certificates, the security is top-level and the company name is visible at the branded address bar. This provides complete encryption along with visible trust indicators such as a Dynamic Sectigo TrustLogo.
Before issuing your SSL certificate, you will need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for your website domain or host name on your web server. The certificate signing request, is a standard encoded text (Contains information about the requester) that you will need to send to the Certificate Authority for processing.
It contains information that will be included on your certificate such as:
– Organisation name
– Common name (domain name)
– Location
– Country
– Email Address
– Root Length
– Signature Algorithm
Here is an example of a standard PEM format CSR generation:
Your server will make the CSR upon request. This only possible if you know the name of your server. It’s not possible to get the server information by asking your website host for additional details.
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