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Extended backup

Free basic protection

Your data security is of utmost importance to us. That's why we not only use redundant high-reliability components for the hosting servers but also create a daily secure backup copy of each server and hosting package on a secure off-server location.

Backups help with...

  • Accidentally deleted files
  • Webspace infection
  • Failed software update
  • Restoring previous version
  • Restoring expirated accounts

Why choose PLUS?

  • Longer backup retention
  • Free manual restore
  • Emergency help



Available backups
Daily backup
↳ Retention time 1 day 1 week
Weekly backup
↳ Retention time 1 week 1 month
Monthly backup
↳ Retention time 1 month 1 quarter
Quarterly backup
↳ Retention time 1 year
Priority support
Free restore 1 per year 1 per month
Additional help 15€/Restore 5€/Restore
Full restore
File/folder restore
  free Package option