News: HTTPS required by Google Search and Chrome

Google has officially announced that their webbrowser Google Chrome, with over 50% market share, will mark regular http:// connections as insecure starting with their v56 update in January 2017. All hosting packages come with free compatible https:// certificates which are automatically installed on all compatible websites. Some website softwares such as Wordpress require manual configuration of HTTPS in their admin panel to take full advantage.
News: is now Managed by Zonat SA
News: is now Managed by Zonat SA is now Managed by Zonat SA       Dear Clients, We are pleased t (...)
News: New product pricing and reseller changes
News: New product pricing and reseller changes
Recently, the technology partner for our webhosting interface, cPanel, has announced an extreme increase in their licensing fees. This has required us to cor (...)
News: Apple
News: Apple "El Capitano" Email Connectivity
Apple "El Capitano" (10.11.x) operating system is no longer supported by Apple and does not use modern encryption standards (TLS 1.2) in its Mail client. We (...)
News: Temporary product suspensions
News: Temporary product suspensions
cPanel Inc, the company developing the cPanel webhosting interface has recently announced an extreme price increase to their software monthly license cost. Whil (...)