What Is WhoIS?

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WhoIS is a free record listing service that identifies who the current owner of a domain is. Users have the option to search for domain’s using a query in order to view contact information.

What Information Is Available In A WhoIS Search?

Domain Information

Domain information contains content relevant to the domain. This section includes information regarding;

The Domain Name: What domain is registered e.g: (www.google.com)

The Registrar: Which company the owner registered the domain with.

Dates: Registered Date, Expiration Date and Updated On.

Status: The current status of the domain

Name servers: Which NameServer the domain is hosted on.

Contact Information

This section will include information on the individual domain holder or the company that currently owns the domain. This allows other people to get in contact with the current owner of the domain if required. Information provided in a WhoIS Search.

Name: Your full name

Organization: Your businesses Name

Mailing Address: Physical Address of your business

Phone: Your Business Phone Number

Ext: Extension for Phone Number.

Fax: Fax Number

Fax Ext: Extension for Fax Number

Email: Your business contact email

Where Does WhoIS Get My Information?

When you register your domain, you must provide your business contact details to your registrar. Your registrar will maintain a record of the information you provide. Every TLD domain has different authoritative figure maintaining public records, when a new domain is registered the authoritative figure ensures the public records are kept updated using the information you provided to your registrar. You must provide correct contact details and ensure this information is always updated.

I Don’t Want My Information Public?

To prevent your information being made public upon registering your domain you can purchase WhoIS Privacy. When a user querys your domain in a WhoIS search the contact information shown will be that of WhoIS Privacy and not the domain owner.

GDPR update:

After adopting GDPR policies european countries protect personal data of their citizens. Therefore for most European TLD like .de, .fr etc the details of the domain owner won’t be shown publicly. The Whois Privacy service was cancelled in those countries.

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