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What Is A SPF Record?

The SPF Record stands for Sender Policy Framework.

SPF Records are used by Mail Exchanges in order to identify hosts that are authorised to send emails on behalf of a domain.

How Are SPF Records Used?

SPF Records help to prevent unauthorised usage of your domain. Mail Exchanges block incoming emails from unauthorised servers.

An unauthorised email sent by a third-party hacker using a domain name for malicious purposes. Upon delivery to the Mail Exchange an SPF Record check is completed! An email sent by an Authorised Host will successfully be delivered to the inbox – Upon SPF Record checks by the Mail Exchange.

An email sent by an Unauthorised Host will be unsuccessful in delivery – Upon SPF Record checks the Mail Exchange will detect the Domain name is being used by an unauthorised host!
Mail Exchanges use SPF Record checks to increase security for email users.
Protect your domain by setting up a SPF Record.

How To Format An SPF Record?

The majority of web hosting users format SPF Records using TXT Record Types. A SPF Record Type can be used however is discouraged – Users using SPF Record Types should also include SPF TXT Records.

Elements To SPF Records

SPF TXT Record Elements

Description Of Use


Declares the Record is written as a TXT Record


Declares the version of SPF. (v=spf1)


Declares the A Record is authorised to send emails


Declares emails can be sent on behalf of the following domain.


Declares to Mail Exchange this is the only SPF Record and to block other servers


SPF Mechanism Record Elements

SPF Mechanism Elements

Description Of Use


Declares the following IP Address is IPv4


Declares the following IP Address is IPv6


Mail Exchange can accept all local and remote IPs for following Mechanism used.


Outlines additional authorised Domains to Mail Exchange.


Declares Specified A Record is Authorized to Mail Exchange.


Declares A records for each MTX Record declared.


Declares a domain singled for query checks by the Mail Exchange.


Declares A records for each PTR Record declared.


SPF Prefix Record Elements

SPF Prefix Elements

Description Of Use


The email passed the test and is accepted by the Mail Exchange.

The email failed the test and is rejected by the Mail Exchange.


The email failed the test however the Mail Exchange is unsure of the Authentication.


The email did not pass or fail the test. Expected outcome is the email is accepted by the Mail Exchange




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