How To Setup VPN On Chromebook Devices

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  1.     Open your Chrome browser and navigate to Chrome://settings.
  2.  Select ‘Add Connection’and click ‘Add Private Network.’
  3. The ‘Edit VPN Profile’ will appear within a dialog box that you will need to fill out. Here’s the information you need to add:
    • Enter the Server Address in the Server Hostname field
    • Create a name for the VPN such as VPNarm in the Service Name field
    • Select the provider type L2TP/IPSEC and Enter the Pre-Shared Key
    • Set the Server CA Certificate as Default
    • Leave the User Certificate field blank
    • Enter your VPNarm Username and Password in the Login field
    • Leave the OTP field blank
    • Leave the Group Name field blank
    • If you wish go ahead and Save the Username and Password Combination.
  4. Click Connect to access the VPN.

If you would like to create multiple VPN’s for the different countries, we recommend you repeat the steps above.

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