Setting Up Email in your Virtual Private Server

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Setting up your email account in your Virtual Private Server is easy to do when using cPanel in the client area for a specific domain. Simply follow these 9 quick steps to set up your e-mail.

To Set Up Your Email Account in Your Virtual Private Server:

  1. Log in to cPanel as the administrator.
  2. Click Domains from the options.
  3. Choose the Control Panel for the domain name you wish to add email addresses to.
  4. Click Create e-mail Address.
  5. Select the Mailbox, followed by the email address for this email account. For example,
  6. Next, decide if you want to enter a Mailbox size. You can choose to use the default size or enter your own customised size.
  7. Create a password for the email account, and then confirm the password.
  8. Now click Mailbox, then enter the mailbox quota or size allowance.
  9. Click OK and you’re all set!

After you’ve created your e-mail account you can do further customisations from within cPanel. Alternatively, you can manage your e-mail account using an Email Client.

Note: In your email settings, your POP3 and SMTP setting for this email account will be, where is your unique domain name. Your incoming username for the account is The outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication and uses the identical username and password as the incoming (POP3) server.

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