My Website is loading slow, what can I do?

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Usually when a website is loading slow you have maybe many visitors on your Website and/or your Website is heavy and requires many resources from the Server. In this case you should consider moving your Website and Hosting a VPS (Virtual Private Server) in our Cloud. Our Support will help you with the migration.

Renting Managed VPS Hosting is an easy and simple process.

Step 1) Select the package best suited to your requirements

Head over to our VPS service page to view our range of VPS hosting packages. It is important to select the hosting option best suited to your requirements.

Step 2) Press “Order Now” On The Selected Package

Once you have selected the VPS hosting package you require simply press “Order Now”. You will be taken to the checkout page. Here you will see an over view of the resources offered with the hosting package you have selected with the total price. Ensure that you are purchasing the VPS hosting package suited to your requirements.

Step 3) Select Managed VPS Option.

Under Configurable Options you have a wide range of features that you can include with your VPS package. The last option will be called “VPS Management” here you need to change the pre-set option from “Self-Managed” To “Managed”

Step 4) Check Out!

Once you have changed the option “VPS Management” from “Self-Managed” to “Managed” you can check out. Now you have purchased your Managed VPS hosting package, await email confirmation to confirm your order with login details.

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