I’ve Just Purchased Web Hosting! Now What?

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Congratulations on purchasing your hosting plan. Your brand-new reliable hosting service is only a few clicks away. At this point many users may be asking themselves “What do I do now?”.

 Getting Started

Upon purchasing your hosting plan two emails will be sent to the inbox you provided upon signup.

1. Order Confirmation Email

When you receive your Order Confirmation Email you can guarantee we have received your order request. Our dedicated team of technicians are working behind the scenes to prepare your new service. Don’t worry, this won’t take long!

What Is Included Within The Order Confirmation Email?

  • Your Order Number: This is a number unique to your order used for tracking. Quote your order number when contacting support!
  • Product / Service Purchased: This is the name of the service purchased. Ensure this is correct. If incorrect contact support as soon as possible.
  • First Payment Amount: The amount due for your first payment.
  • Recurring Amount: The amount due for your next billing cycle.
  • Billing Cycle: How often a payment is required. Monthly, annually and so on.

2. Welcome Email

The welcome email confirms your service has been setup and is ready to use.

What Is Included Within The Welcome Email?

New Account Information

This information is included within the order confirmation email.

Login Details

a. Username

b. Password – Be sure to change this!

c. Control Panel URL

Server Information

a. Server Name
b. Server IP
c. Name Servers

Switching Nameservers for an existing domain can take 24-72 hours.


a. Temporary FTP HostName
b. Temporary Webpage URL
c. FTP HostName
d. Webpage URL

Important: We recommend archiving the email containing the initial setup details of your account. If may come in handy in the future.

Requested A New Domain?

Customers who have registered a new domain name will receive a Domain Verification Email. It is important that you locate this email so that you can verify your new domain name. Customers may need to wait 24-72 Hours after registering a new domain for it to propagate. Your domain information needs to be propagated by multiple servers around the world.

What Is Included Within The Domain Confirmation Email?

Registration Date: The date the Domain was registered on.
Domain: The Domain name ordered.
Registration Period: How long the Domain will be registered for.
Amount: How much the domain costs.
Next Due Date: When the domain needs to be renewed.

Transferring An Existing Domain?

Customers can transfer their existing domain names. Please be aware that transferring your existing domain name can take 5 to 7 days. Updating your DNS entries before requesting a transfer can speed up this process therefore this is recommended. DNS entries can be updated after transferring however an additional 24-72-hour wait may occur before your site is live.

On occasion, our team may need to contact you to confirm details related to your order. Please note that our team will only contact you if it is vital!

I Did Not Received Any Emails?

  1. Check Your Spam Mail: Sometimes emails are redirected to the spam inbox. If you haven’t received an email yet checking the spam mail is a good place to start. Also, we suggest you saving our email to your “trusted email list” so that you will always receive important messages from us.
  2. Check Spelling Mistakes: Have you made an error with the spelling of your email address upon signup?
  3. Still did not received an email? Our support team is more than happy to help. Contact us now!
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