I forgot to pay. How do I reactivate my hosting and domain?

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Depending on how delayed you are in paying your account might be suspended or cancelled.

When your hosting account got suspended due to non-payment, you just need to pay your outstanding invoice. We will reactivate the account for you.

When your hosting account got already cancelled, you will need to contact our support for help. The support representative will check whether we still have any back up of your account to restore it for you. The restoration fee applies in this case. If we have no back up of the account we will propose you an empty account with the same parameters as you had before.

When your domain got cancelled, depending on the delay and as well on the TLD, we may need to apply a reactivation fee to activate your domain. If you are delayed more than 60 day your domain could have been returned to the market already. It might be available for registration again. In this case you can register it without any additional fee. Unfortunately it might got registered by somebody else and in this case it is lost for good.

Please keep it mind when renewing your domain.

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