How to Update My Domain Name WhoIS Record?

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What Is the WhoIS record?

The following support article shows website owners how the Domain Name WhoIS Record can be updated!

Find The Domain Name.

  1. First Log-in to the Client Area.
  2. Once logged into the Client Area. Select the Domains option.
    Domain autorenew 1
  3. Here you can view purchased Domain Names hosted with us. Select the Domain Name you wish to update WhoIS Information for.

Enable Domain Auto Renew

  1. Under the Manage Tab. Select the option Contact Information.
    Domain autorenew 2
  2. Here users can update the Domain Name WhoIS Registrant Contact, Billing Contact, Tech Contact and Admin Contact Info.
  3. Website owners can use the hosting account info for their WhoIS Information. Simply select Use Existing Account Contact.
    Domain autorenew 3

      1. Custom information can also be provided. Select the Specific Custom Information Below options.
        Domain autorenew 4
        Now fill out the required contact information for the domain name WhoIS record.
        Domain autorenew 5
    1. Once all WhoIS Information has been provided. Update by selecting Save Changes

Excellent. The domain name WhoIS Information has successfully been updated and the WhoIS record should update shortly.


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