How To Setup VPNarm On Smart TV Devices

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Want to use your VPNarm Subscription for Smart TV Devices? Such as: LG, Western Digital, Samsung, Google, Amazon, etc. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Ensure your device has Internet access.
  2. You should have one of these devices: LG, Western Digital, Samsung, Google, Amazon, etc.
  3. A VPNarm subscription. (Don’t have a VPNarm subscription as yet? Visit our product page and create an account.)

Setup All Smart TV Devices

VPNarm is not directly compatible with Smart TV devices, however, they can access a secure VPN connection if setup on the Router you use to access the Internet. Learn how to setup VPNarm on Routers.

Alternatively, if you own an Android Smart TV you can setup VPNarm on these Devices. Learn how to setup VPNarm on Android Devices.

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