How Do I Pay My Invoices?

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Each time a new order is placed on our website, ($company_name) will send an invoice. For monthly and annual product or service renewals, a new invoice will be generated and sent 10 days before the due date. From the client area, you can access and manage all your invoices under the section “Invoices”. Here is a quick tutorial outlining how you can view, pay your invoices and change your payment option.

How Do I View All My Invoices?

  1. First, you need to log-in to your Client Area.
  2. Once logged in, you will see multiple options to select from: Services, Domains, Tickets and Invoices.
  3. Select the last option called Invoices.
    Pay Invoices 1
  4. All invoices will be visible. The information included: Invoice Number, Invoice Data, Due Date, Total Cost and Payment Status.

How Can I Pay My Invoices?

Paying your Web Hosting invoice is an easy process. An invoice can be paid using the Funds deposited in your account or payments can be taken directly from your Credit/Debit Card.

  1. How Do I Setup Automatic Credit/Debit Card Payments.

    A. Within Invoices. On the left side. There is a tab called Billing.

    B. Within the Billing tab select the third option called Manage Credit Card.
    Pay Invoices 2

    C. Select your Card Type. Enter your Card Number. Provide your Expiry Date and include your CVV/CVC2 Number.

    D. Select the option Save Changes.
    Pay Invoices 3

    E. All future invoice payments will now be taken via this Credit/Debit Card.

  2. How Do I Add Funds To My Web Hosting Account

    A. Within Invoices. On the left side. There is a tab called Billing.

    B. Within the Billing tab select the last option called Add Funds.
    Pay Invoices 4

    C. Within the Amount To Add: Enter the amount of money you wish to top-up your Web hosting account with.

    D. Select the Payment Method that you wish to use.
    Pay Invoices 5

What Can I Pay With?

–          Stripe Payment
–          PayPal
–          Direct Debit (UK Only)
–          Crypto Currencies
–          Bank Transfer
–          PaySafe

 E. Select the option Add Funds.
Pay Invoices 6

 F. You will be redirected to the Payment Gateway. 




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