Data protection declaration

This document covers only the applicable data protection policy on this website. For the data protection policy of our webhosting services, please refer to our terms of service.

1. Data confidentiality as the operator of this website takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We handle your personal details with great care and strictly confidential in accordance with the applicable data protection laws as well as this data protection declaration. Please note that data transmission through the internet is not fully protectable (e.g. security holes) and outside our control.

The personal details provided during registration of your account and collected during usage of the account are solely used to provide your services and to fulfil applicable legislation. The required details are forwarded to the corresponding partners and entitities such as domain registration partners, fraud prevention partners or financial services as required to fulfil your order . The extend of the transmitted details is reduced to the required details.

Any requests sent via the support ticket/contact form system and all contained details will be saved in our system for later access. These details will not be shared with third parties unless it is necessary for the fulfilment of your request.

2. Cookie policy

Our website uses cookies. Cookies do not cause harm to your computer and do not contain viruses or other harmful content. The small files are stored on your computer and help making our websites user-friendly, secure and more efficient. Most of the cookie files are automatically deleted by your computer when you leave our website. You can aconfigure your browser that it informs you about new cookies or blocks the usage of cookies. Please note that this website cannot be used with cookies fully blocked.

3. Server Logging, like most websites, automatically collects and stores information provided by your browser in so-called server log files. These information generally include the accessed website, date and time of the request, your current public IP address, the last page you accessed, your browser and browser version as well as the operating system. The server log files are not combined with other data sources and are solely kept for a short duration to analyse attacks and system misbehaviour. The raw log files are not used for statistical or analytical purposes of any kind.

4. HTTPS Encryption

This site uses SSL encryption for security reasons and for the protection of the transmission of confidential content, such as the inquiries you send to us as a site operator. An encrypted connection indicates that the browser's address line changes from "http://" to "https://" and the lock icon in your browser line.

If the SSL encryption is activated, the data you transfer to us can generally not be read by third parties.

5. External service providers

5.1 Google reCAPTCHA Privacy Policy

In order to ensure sufficient data security during the transmission of forms, we use the service reCAPTCHA of Google Inc. in certain cases, primarily to distinguish whether the input is made by a natural person or abusively through mechanical and automated processing. The service includes sending the IP address and any other data required by Google for the reCAPTCHA service to Google. For more information about Google Inc.'s privacy policy, please visit or

5.2 Maxmind Privacy Policy

For the purposes of identifying customers with potentially harmful intentions that could negatively affect's infrastructure or compromise and/or attempt to corrupt information stored inside's infrastructure, every new customer is subject to an automated fraud check at the time of their account creation, as well as when changing or adding personal information in their account. This fraud check uses a proprietary online service located at the follwing internet address: . In compliance with the GDPR, a manual review by an entitity within's organisation shall be performed on the result from the automed check. This manual review shall be completed by a's employee in a reasonable time frame during standard working hours. The automated check works by transmitting certain information about your order and your client profile to Maxmind Inc. Detailled information about how Maxmind guarantees customer data protection under both the Privacy shield program and EU-GDPR can be found here:

5.3 FraudRecord Privacy Policy

For the purposes of identifying customers with potentially harmful intentions that could negatively affect's infrastructure or compromise and/or attempt to corrupt information stored inside's infrastructure, every new customer may be subject to a manual fraud check after time of their account creation, as well as when changing or adding personal information in their account. This fraud check uses a free online service located at the follwing internet address: . The check works by transmitting certain information about your order and your client profile to Detailled information about how Fraudrecord guarantees customer data protection under EU-GDPR can be found here:

5.4 Bulksms SMS notification.

Customers may choose to optionally provide a mobile phone number for the purpose of sending SMS notification for the sole purpose of informing about important service and billing updates. This service is free of charge to the customer and can be disabled at any time by deleting the SMS notification number from the client profile. This service uses an external SMS service provider for the SMS transmission, their privacy and data protection disclaimer can be found at the following website:

6. Data processing & personal data

6.1 Other communication/Interaction data

We may process, collect or store other information than the ones listed here during your commununication with us on this website and through any other means including social networking sites. These data may be subject to different retention periods depending on the type and manner of communication and may additionally be stored by the third-party provider over which the means of communication was provided.

6.2 Newsletter & offers

All newsletter-related data is stored, processed and used solely on servers operated directly by During newsletter subscription your full name, current IP address and email address is collected. Processing is solely based on your consent by double opt-in. The retention period for newsletter subscription data is until the recipient revokes consent.

6.2 Customer details

In order to use services from, you need to provide us with the required billing and identification details as marked on the registration page. This includes your email address, your first and last name, a password of your choice (stored in encrypted hashed form), your postal address, your language preference, your current IP address and additional optional information for later service and contact requirements. All your customer details are stored as long as you have a customer account with us. Should you wish to close your customer account, please contact our support department to close the details. Please note that certain information has a legal minimum retention period, such as invoices and commercial communication which must be kept for a period of 10 years. These details are solely collected to provide our services.

6.3 Payment information collects certain billing- and account-related information about you when you complete a paid service order. This includes your billing information and certain information provided by the payment gateway. The payment gateway selected during the payment process also collects information about you during your order in accordance with legal requirements and to fulfill your payment to us. The data is only used to fulfill your orders with us and is retained for as long as you have an account with us and in accordance with applicable legal retention periods. The data may include additional information such as your paypal identifier, bank id or partial credit card information in dependance with the chosen payment gatway.

6.4 Support information

We provide support to you through a variety of choices, among which figure phone support, email support, support ticket and live chat support . To assist you with your request and during ticket creation, you may be asked to provide detailed information about you, details about your request and other relevant and/or personal information. This data is only collected and stored to provide support for our services. We keep your support requests and all related information for as long as you have an account with us. You can at any time access your history of support tickets for your own reference.

6.5 Domain registration

To register or transfer a domain, you are asked to fill in several contact details for different administrative roles. These contact details are transferred either directly to the domain registry or to our applicable domain registration partner which then provides them to the domain registry. The transferred details contain the provided name, street address, phone and fax numbers and email address. Some domain services may require additional information for verification purposes such as your ID card number. Transfer of these information to the domain registration authorities is mandatory and in accordance to their binding agreement which is accepted during the domain order process. All domain order details are by default retained by us for as long as you have a customer account with us. The domain registry retention periods vary but in general do not exceed two years after deletion of the domain name. Please note that depending on the domain extension and domain service chosen, your contact details may be transferred outside of the EU. WARNING: Some registries are outside the EU and do not adhere to the EU-GDPR regulations. By choosing such a domain service, you expressively agree that cannot be held liable for any missing or inadequate protection of your contact details with those registries.

7. Your rights on your personal data

Unless your request is deemed excessive or unfounded, you may exercise the following rights in relation to your personal data:

7.1 Right to access

You have the right to request a copy of all personal data we hold about you. You may do so by email or support ticket.

7.2 Right to rectify

You have the right to request rectification of any data that we hold about you that is incomplete or inaccurate. Domain registries may require a update fee depending on the type of the modification. To request rectification, please send us an email or open a support ticket.

7.3 Right to be forgotten

You can ask for data that we hold about you to be erased from our records. Please contact our email or ticket support and we will anonymize all account details about you for which we have no legal obligation to keep.

7.4 Right of portability

You have the right to have all data that we hold about you to be transferred to another organisation. Please contact our email or ticket support for the process details.

7.5 Right to object

You have the right to object to certain data processing types such as direct marketing by contacting our email or ticket support or by using the applicable feature within the marketing email. Lastly, you have the right to file a complaint with the Luxembourgish Data Protection Authority, when you are of the opinion that our processing of your personal data is not in compliance with applicable legislation. Their complaint form is accessible at:

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